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As if the fourth wall wasn't broken enough...
lovethedemiurge wrote in ink_city_ooc
[Look who decided to tumble straight over the fourth wall and straight into your laps? It's nobody's favorite mad scientist! After many moments tumbling, Trevor crashes into what appears as an odd white void. Scrambling to his senses and dusting off, he holsters the fallen rifle. He gazes around, looking for something, anything.]

Strange...this is more Yakko's tricks, I presume....

I suggest someone identify themselves immediately.

[[[OOC: This little shenanigan was a result of an in-game event. So no, this wasn't just a random occurence where I just decided to post IC in the OOC comm. Hope this clears up any confusion.]]]

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Oh man. It actually happened.

Hi, I'm somebody.

You say as though you've been planning this...

You certainly are. One of those toon creatures, perhaps?

Nice going, guys..

Hi there! You shouldn't be here. I'm sure we'll get this straightened out soon, don't you worry.

We? There are people who inhabit...this void?

Oh, you have no idea how long I've been waiting for this~

You appear to be a talking void...odd.


Well well~ If it isn't Trevor!

[Trevor is a little taken aback by this abnormal faceless girl.]

Excuse me? How did you learn my name?

You didn't... oh man, you guys did! This is insane!

Hi, Trevor.

Whose plan was it to throw me in this void? do you know my name?

Hey, Trevor.

Stop getting in on my territory.

Ah, the lunatic.

I had very little choice in landing in your void...

Hey, Deadpool, get out of here. You're not supposed to be here, dude.

I love how all the fun stuff happens when I'm asleep.

I hardly consider it fun.

...are you a talking chinchilla?

Aw man, I'm always late to everything.

Apparently this has been planned by others like yourself...

AHAHA OH GOD. This is great. is it you're two creatures at once?!

[...Yeah, this typist is not very amused right now. With a few keystrokes from the blonde on the comp...]

[Hope you don't mind being removed by a green haired girl from nowhere!]

Haha~ Well, I didn't expect someone to just wander on past here! Impressive, Trevor. ['Sakon' simply claps, while the typist goes back to work.]

[And there's plenty of flailing on the narration's part.]

Aagh! Creepy old dude, do not wa-- Oh, Trevor, it's just you.

[Beat.] Wait. Waaaaait a minute...

[Just give it a second, Trevor... yep, there's the maniacal laughter of realization.]

[He's not to keen on the laughter.]

You're familiar with me?

THERE you are!! Finally! That's it, I'm taking you back, right now!

Yes, I can see you're doing well keeping track of your own citizenry.

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